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April 18 2018

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Tips of Benefit When Preparing Items for Long-Term Storage

Wouldn't it be nice to simply open a unit at Self Storage Facilities in Brooklyn and begin placing items inside? Although this is possible, it's not a wise decision to make. Every item to be stored in the unit needs to be properly prepared for long-term storage. A failure to do so could lead to costly consequences. Following are some steps every renter should take before putting items in the unit.

Clean Appliances Thoroughly

Thoroughly clean appliances before placing them in storage. This is especially important when it comes to kitchen appliances. Any lingering smells or food residue may attract pests to the unit and lead to damage of items with the Self Storage Units in Brooklyn. Bleach or baking soda can be of help when added to the cleaning mixture to ensure no problems arise. When placing the appliances in the unit, leave the door cracked to allow for ventilation also.

Cover the Floor

To ensure the contents of the storage unit do not come into direct contact with the concrete floor, make use of a plastic or canvas tarp to cover the floor. If this is not possible for any reason, place boxes on pallets or obtain shelving units. Using the tarp ensures any dampness from the floor will not seep into the boxes and damage the contents. Placing items on shelving units improves the airflow within the unit.

Avoid Dark Sheets

People often throw sheets over their large pieces of furniture to minimize the buildup of dust. However, never use dark sheets for this purpose. If moisture levels rise in the Self Storage Units, the dark colors may bleed into the furniture and cause damage. It's better to use plastic or light colored sheets for this purpose. White sheets made of 100 percent cotton are best, however.

Prepare Wood Furniture Properly

Before putting wood furnishings into storage, take the time to thoroughly vacuum the upholstery and inside any drawers. This will remove any dust and help to protect the furniture. Follow up with a layer of wood furniture polish to protect the wood in the event there is any moisture in the unit. The polish seals the wood and slows mold growth in this situation.

Take the time to learn how to prepare different items before placing them in Storage Units in Brooklyn. Doing so ensures the items leave the unit in the same condition they were in when placed in the facility. While the process of learning how to do so takes time, the money saved through proper preparation will be appreciated in the future.

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